The 47th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine

The 47th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine



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2020 Special Memorial Lecture

The Sun and Life on Planets

Special Lecture

From Dendritic Cell Research to Female Researchers Support
Forefront of Exosomes Drug Discovery
To be announced
For not to be Involved in Medical Disputes What Allied Health Professionals with Critical Care Have to be Aware of

President-Organizing Special Lecture

Origin of Critical Care in Japan (tentative): The Keisuke Amaha and Tatsushi Fujita Memorial Lecture

President-Organizing Special Program: Japan-Taiwan Joint Session

The Kenichi Iwatsuki Commemorative Lecture

Evolution of Life: What is Gained and What is Lost after Trade-Off, and "Bottleneck"

Invited Lecture (overseas)

Dr. Brian Kavanagh Memorial Lecture

Invited Lecture (national)

DIC: 50 Years of History
Macrovesicles and Organ Dysfunction
End-of-Life Care: Think about Palliative Care in Critical Care Field
What and to What Extent "AI" Can Do?
Guidelines for Decision-Making Processes of Medical Treatment and Care in Final Stage of Life
Rethinking Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines
Research Design in the Era of Clinical Research Methods
Basic Research in AKI: Latest Topics (tentative)
Control of Inflammation and Immunity by Sympathetic Nerves (tentative)

Educational Lecture

Organ Dysfunction Mechanism and its Prevention in Sepsis
Learning Guidelines for Non-Pharmacological Treatment of Arrhythmia
Renal Function and Drug Dose Intensification Control in Critical Care Field
Evidence of New Medication for AKI
Knowledge of Kidney Pathology for Health Care Providers
Latest Knowledge of Inter-Organ Communication
Clarify Invasion at Micro-Level
Science for Febrile and Afebrile Treatments for Critically Ill Patients
Science for Infusion Response
We Think We Know but We Don't about Clinical Medicine, : Merits and Demerits of Erythrocyte and New Information (Erythrocrine)
Pitfall in Diagnostic Imaging of Infection site in Sepsis
Non-Pharmacological Interventions for Delirium Recovery: Possibilities of Tactile Care®
What Has Changed by the 2018 PADIS Guideline?
Case Study in Rethinking ICU
New Strategies for Wound Management in Critical Care Field: Care for Preventing Iatrogenic Pressure Ulcers
Cell Death and Organ Dysfunction
Whether to Start ICU Diary?
Septic Shock and Peripheral Circulatory Failure: How do We Face Cold Shock?

Special Program for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Preparation at ICU for Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020
Biological and Chemical Terrorism and Critical Care


Spontaneous Breathing in ARDS (all designated)
our current practice on the continuous electroencephalography in ICU (partially open)
Diagnosis and Treatment for Thrombotic Microangiopathy (TMA) (partially open)
On Importance of Team Composed of Various Occupations and Highlights in Japanese Clinical Practice Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock 2020 (all designated)
On Diagnosis of Infection, Control of Infection Source and Study of Antimicrobial Drug in Japanese Clinical Practice Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock 2020 (all designated)
On Initial Resuscitation and Steroid in Japanese Clinical Practice Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock 2020 (all designated)
On Respiratory Care and AKI in Japanese Clinical Practice Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock 2020 (all designated)
on PAD/ neurocritical care in Japanese Clinical Practice Guidelines for management of sepsis and septic shock 2020 (all designated)
On Nutrition Therapy, Glycemic Control and Stress Ulcer Prevention in Japanese Clinical Practice Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock 2020 (all designated)
On Adjuvant Therapy (Globulin, Blood Transfusion and Body Temperature) in Japanese Clinical Practice Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock 2020 (all designated)
pediatric sepsis management in Japanese Clinical Practice Guidelines for management of sepsis and septic shock 2020 (all designated)
On DIC and DVT management in Japanese Clinical Practice Guidelines for management of sepsis and septic shock 2020 (all designated)
On ICU-AW, PICS, early rehabilitation, Patients Centered Therapy and Family Care in Japanese Clinical Practice Guidelines for management of sepsis and septic shock 2020 (all designated)
Basic research in sepsis (partially open)
Sepsis Prevention in the Era of Global Traveling and AMR (all designated)
Science for Inter-Organ Communication to cause remote organ dysfunction for Critically Ill Patients: From Basics to Clinical (partially open)
Investigate the essence of infusion considering the organs (partially open)
Effects of ECPR: The present and Future Direction (partially open)
Consolidation of the care for critical respiratory failure with the use of mobile ECMO: Current situation and future task (partially open)
Lung Protection Strategies Approaching from Operation (partially open)
Pediatric severe heart failure: ECMO, VAD, and heart transplantation (all designated)
Since When Does the Final Stage Start: Are Pediatric Patients So Special? (partially open)
Science for Clinical Application of Artificial Intelligence (partially open)
How to generate new evidences in ICU (all designated)
translational research in Critical Care Nephrology (partially open)
Is This Patient Really With DNAR Order?: Asking for Appropriate Treatment Options in the Final Stage Condition (open)
Consider Functional Assessment in Critical Care (all designated)
Learning Guidelines on Latest Acute Coronary Syndrome (all designated)
Summarize Respiration and Circulation Managements in ARDS (all designated)
Symptoms of Severe Heat Stroke and Progress in Critical Care (all designated)
The Practice of Heat Injury Management for Critical Care Providers (all designated)
Toxicosis in Critical Care: For Junior Critical Care Providers (all designated)
Communication and Mutual Understanding beyond Occupations: "Integrate minimum Standard among Occupations" (all designated)
Facing Patients with Device Removal Difficulties and Their Family (all designated)
Sepsis and ECMO (all designated)
Science for Treatment of Sepsis for the Future (all designated)
Pharmaconutrition (all designated)

Panel Discussion

Expertise in Cardiomyopathy Management for Health Care Providers (all designated)
Uncertainty about Pediatric Infection Care? Pediatric Infectious Care in Critical Care Field (partially open)
Handling of Infection Control by Various Occupations (partially open)
Appropriate antibiotics prescription in the era of drug resistance: What is needed as health care providers in ICU (partially open)
Key Point of Science for RRS (partially open)
Rapid Response System Online Registry: Looking Back and Looking Forward (all designated)
All about ECMO: Practicing Team Approach to Health Care (partially open)
Our current practice of PICS management (partially open)
Front line in PICS research (partially open)
Nutrition therapy and early rehabilitation for the prevention and treatment of PICS (partially open)
Caring of PICS Patients as Outpatients (partially open)
Nerve block therapies in ICU (partially open)
Efficient Management of Pediatric ECMO (partially open)
Use Echo for Management of Pediatric Patients with Severe Illness (partially open)
Practice of Quality Indicator (partially open)
Presicion medicine with the use of medical data for the future patient care cycle (all designated)
Report and Outlook on Health, Labor and Science Research Fees by Tele-ICU Research Team (all designated)
How to Share Information: As a Tool for Work Style Reforms (partially open)
Method to Approach to Clinical Research (all designated)
What Medical Staff Expect Health Care Providers of (partially open)
How to Increase the Number of Health Care Providers (partially open)
The system of critical care board certification and education abroad (all designated)
Medical Fees of ICU Care: Past, Present and Future (all designated)
Work-Style Reforms in Critical Care Field (partially open)
sepsis and immune suppression (partially open)
Assessment and Prevention of AKI (all designated)
Which One is Better NPPV or High Flow Therapy? (all designated)
Septic DIC: Our Thoughts and Treatments (all designated)
Consideration and Practice of Artificial Organ Support in Critical Care (all designated)
Consideration and Practice of Nutrition Therapy to Critically Ill Patients (all designated)
Challenge for Treatment of Adolescent Congenital Heart Disease (all designated)
Is JSSCG2016 Applied in the Clinical Setting? (partially open)


How Should We Educate Health Care Providers in Cardiovascular Critical Care? (partially open)
The Challenge of Management for Cardiogenic Shock (changed to partially open)
Timing of renal replacement therapy initiation: never ending story? (partially open)
For Enhancement of Educational Skills of Mid-Carrier Nurses (partially open)
Considering Therapeutic Environment in ICU: Supporting ICU Patients in Their Lives (partially open)
Roles of Clinical Engineers in Respiratory Management (all designated)
Future Development Based on the Outcome of Fact-Finding Survey on Clinical Engineers (all designated)
Discussion: Activity Guidelines on Critical Care Pharmacist (partially open)
Science for Adverse Drug Event in Critical Care (all designated)
Approach from Early Rehabilitation to ICU-Acquired Weakness (partially open)
Solution to Questions of Clinical Research (all designated)
How to Write and Teach Clinical Research: My Style (all designated)
Talk About This and That about JIPAD 2020 (all designated)
Critical Care and Clinical Ethics: Think from Advance Care Planning (partially open)
Young Men, Be Ambitious! (all designated)
Has Adherence to J-PAD Guideline Improved Patient Outcome? (partially open)
The Study of Technical Management in Acute Blood Purification Therapy (all designated)
Consider Future of Critical Care Management in Middle-Sized City Hospital (all designated)

Interactive workshop

Backstage of JSSCG: Encouragement by Academic Guideline Promotion Team
Establishment of Educational System Associated with "Clinical Ladder of Critical Care Nurses"
How to do medical consultation by nurses: lecture from Dr. Ann Hamric

Case Study

case discussion with experts in ARDS
Prevention and measures for ICU acquired delirium by multidisciplinary approach

Meet the Experts

Advanced practice nursing: an integrative approach
Future perspective of anticoagulation therapy in sepsis
Discussion on DIC management in J-SSCG2020 in Japanese Clinical Practice Guidelines for management of sepsis and septic shock 2020
Hot topics in severe respiratory failure and lung transplantation

Pros & Cons

Protein administration in critically ill patients
Whether diagnosis of sepsis with sepsis-3 is appropriate?
Whether diagnostic criteria for AKI needs change?
whether to set high PEEP in severe ARDS?
No More DIC: Is DIC a Concept of Illness of Old Days?
What Medicine to Use for Anticoagulation Therapy in DIC
Whether to Administer Bicarbonate in Metabolic Acidosis?
Whether to Use β-blocker in Septic Shock?
Whether to Use Steroid for Patients with Septic Shock?
Whether to Use Vasoconstrictor Earlier Than Initial Resuscitation by Infusion for Patients with Sepsis?

Committee Report

Reality of Medical Specialist System in Organization of Medical Specialties

Seminar for Easy Understanding

Here is the Method for Comprehension!: Blood Gas, Acid-Base Equilibrium and Electrolyte
Here is the Method for Comprehension!: Tips for Image Diagnosis
We May not Know About: Basics of Nutritional Management in Acute Condition
Basics of Infusion That Can Be Applied from Tomorrow
Introduction to Invasion and Biological Reaction
I Should've Asked Earlier: Basics of Analgesia and Sedation
I Should've Asked Earlier: Effect of Inotrope and the Use
Clinical Statistics Lessons
Sepsis: What to Do for the First Three Hours
Teach Me! The Basics of ECMO
Introduction to Principle of Ultrasound Cardiography
How to Write a Paper: From Case Report
Do You Know What PICS Is ?
Mechanical Ventilation Mode for Easy Understanding
Learning A new Management of Acute Heart Failure
What to Do for Lung-Protective Ventilation?
Collaborating with Everyone on Early Rehabilitation
Basics of Blood Purification: Easier Than You Think
Considering Family Health Care
Basics of Electrocardiogram

Experts Seminar

Diagnosis and Treatment of Nonconformance of Mechanical Ventilator
How to Analyze Test Results for Hemostatic System
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Study for the Future
Identify: Introduction to Meta-Analysis
Learning Blood Purification and Pharmacokinetics with Logic
What about Oxygen Toxicity? (What is the Goal of SpO2?)
The Point is Here: Pediatric Mechanical Ventilation Management
Science for Muscle Protein Synthesis and Nutrition Management
Fundamental Knowledge of Thrombotic Microangiopathy(TMA)
Childhood: The change in Organ Function with Aging

Literature Review

Critical Care and Sleeping
Cardiac Critical Care Up to Date
Neurocritical Care Up to Date
Critical Care Nutrition
Lung-Protective Ventilation in ARDS
Sedation with Inhalational Anesthetics in Critical Care
AKI Up to Date
Temperature Management in Critical illness Condition
Frontline in PICS Research
Precision Medicine in Critical Care

The 20th Joint Scientific Congress of the KSCCM and JSICM
[Technology and Science]

Symposium 1

The two good things come into the pair
Dr. Kimitaka Tajimi (Akita Rosai Hospital)
Dr. Shin Ok Koh (Choongang University)
Dr. Younsuck Koh (Ulsan University)
Dr. Masayuki Suzukawa (Jichi Medical University)

Symposium 2

Intensive care in future; What I expected in intensive care in 2030
Dr. Chae-man Lim (Ulsan University)
Dr. Masaji Nishimura (Tokushima Pref. Central Hospital)
KSCCM speaker: Dr. Gee Young Suh (Sungkyunkwan University)
JSICM speaker: Dr. Moritoki Egi (Kobe University)

Technology advancement 1 [Tele ICU current situation]

JSICM chair: Dr. Kiyoyasu Kurahashi (International University of Health and Welfare)
KSCCM chair: Dr. Dong Chan Kim (Chonbuk National University)
JSICM speaker:
Dr. Hiroshi Otake (Showa University)
Dr. Shunsuke Takaki (Yokohama City University)

Technology advancement 2 [RRS advancement from the new project (including AI)]

JSICM chair: Dr. Shigeki Fujitani (St. Marianna University)
KSCCM chair: Dr. Sang Hyun Kwak (Chonnam National University)
KSCCM speaker:
Dr. Sang Bum Hong (Ulsan University)
Dr. Yeon Joo Lee (Seoul National University)

Educational Seminar

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