Sparkling Wind

Looking up at the sky beyond the wilted trees,
The sun’s rays have grown unexpectedly strong,
The wind has softened in March
And it sparkles.

At last, spring has come!

The battle against corona has been a long one,
Birthing many sad victims.
And in the midst of it all, the ones who continue to fight bravely and with determination,
Colleagues in the intensive care unit.

Must be brave!
It always has been, and perhaps always will be,
We, who are involved in intensive care,
must always remain brave.

The light will continue to shine on those who remain brave

In a grove of forest in March,
The wind is sparkling,
For all the courageous ones.

The 50th annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine
Nobuaki Shime, MD, PhD



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